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Bohemian bed linen

I love bohemian and ethnic and these types of decor are not always so easy to find. That's why today I wanted to create a list of bohemian duvet covers that are easy to find in Switzerland (or that can be purchased online), and also, not too expensive.


My absolute favourite is this duvet cover set to complete with plenty of pillows, as well as a fleece bed throw for the winter. Ettie - Duvet cover with dandelion print at Urban Outfitters


Three other ones that I am in love with (that differ a bit in their price) can be found in La Redoute. They are made in cotton and their names are de following: Afro Craft, Assa and Pintu


In they have as well a small selection of bohemian duvet covers. This one is called Traumschlaf and you can buy it for a very good price 😊


If on the contrary you prefer a more colourful and pattern-full duvet cover for your bedroom, maybe this Bohemian Mandala from might be a good choice for you!


Last but nor least, I wanted to share with you AMA which can be found in Maisons du Monde. I personally love it (and I have it), and what I can tell is that the colour patter is just stunning and goes fantastic with different styles of pillows and colours. If you have furry pets at home, it is also a good option since the textile does not trap the hair that much.

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