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Interior design: tendencies for 2021

1. Earthy and grounded shades

Ochre, olive green, terracota and, the most voted one by design specialists and architects, brave ground, are some of the trendy colours for 2021. 'Since we are living through uncertain times where our homes have become the place where we work, learn and relax, the warm and grounding tones allow us to find certainty in the strength from the very ground beneath our feet, emboldening us to go forward and begin to live again and giving us the flex to adapt to the ever changing circumstances we face’, explains Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director for Dulux UK.

Image credit: Ideal Home


2. Warm Colours

Winter brings the perfect excuse to get cozy and comfortable. The perfect way to do this is by incorporating warm colours to your space (reds, yellows, oranges or yellow greens). These colours have been known to increase adrenaline and breathing rate, raise blood pressure and body temperature, thus making you feel warmer. The stronger the color is, the more intense this “warming” effect tends to be. Easy to combine too with dark greys and make spaces look bigger. Finally, a little bit of warmth in your colour palette makes always a more playful look.


3. Global influence

This style of interior design is influenced by wildlife and African plains. It uses earthy colours and warm palettes, and plays with textures and shades. Dark wooden furniture combines perfectly wit all the above, and together it creates a very personalized and cozy environment.

Image credit: Andrew Martin Interior designer


4. Vintage

The vintage style was first born in France and then expanded over the world and fields: music, fashion and interior design. It includes graceful features as femininity and elegance, in combination with antiques. It is not easy to implement this style at home but, due to its sudden fame, now big manufactures are selling artificially aged furniture, making it accessible to everyone.


5. Colours! (in general)

Yes, you read well. Like all-grey designs, all-white rooms seem to be falling out of favour. Street predicted that the age of minimalistic and all-white interiors is coming to and end. But if you still want to decorate in white, don't forget to combine textures and to add some light colours to your interiors.

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