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10 plant species that are ideal for beginners

If you also love plants indoors, or on the terrace, but so far you have not had any luck taking care of them, do not despair! There are many species of plants that are easy to take care of and at Galileo Interiors we want to tell you about it.

Plants, in addition to adding a natural and exotic touch to our home environments, also help to renew the air and fill the environment with life. If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Add a new plant to your room and you will see how it changes radically and becomes much more welcoming.

The plants that we will mention below do not require special care and, in general, need little watering. Although, of course, this will depend on the area of ​​the house in which you place it and the heat and humidity. To be sure, place these indoor plants in bright areas but avoid direct sun as this could burn their leaves. And, as for watering, wait for the surface area of ​​the land to dry out before watering again (without soaking the plant).


1. Peace Lily

The lily is a tropical plant that has adapted to shady spaces, making it ideal for indoors. Due to its beautiful and delicate white flowers, it has become a favourite among plant lovers.

Something curious about the lily of peace is that it will indicate the moment when it needs a new watering (in case you forget it) since its leaves lose volume and fall downwards. But don't worry, a few minutes after watering it recovers perfectly.


2. Ferns

Ferns are plants that require moisture and like shady spaces. For this reason, they are plants that fit perfectly in bedrooms since, in addition, they produce more oxygen than CO2, purifying and cleaning the air.


3. Cactus

Cacti are those beautiful thorny plants that belong to the succulent family. This means that they have a great capacity to retain water for long periods, which is why they require irrigations that are widely spaced in time.

Most cacti are desert plants and this requires many hours of light. However, many species adapt to shadier spaces, proving to be versatile plants. Best of all, there are thousands of cactus shapes, colours, and sizes to choose from.


4. Chlorophytum comosum

These are hanging plants very easy to care of and to reproduce, making them ideal plants for beginners in the gardening world.

They have long and bright leaves and are ideal for decorating kitchens or bathrooms as they love humid spaces. They require light, but never directly. Also, they produce pretty little white flowers on a regular basis, which will definitely beautify your spaces.


5. Monstera

Monstera is a tropical climate plant that became famous for its exuberant and original type of perforated leaf. They like humid environments and indirect sunlight. If you live in dry environments, it is convenient to spray its leaves with a water sprinkler from time to time to keep them hydrated. It is a fast-growing plant so it is better to prepare a tutor that guides its stems.


6. Chamaedorea elegans

Also known as the hall palm, the Chamaedorea elegans is a single stem palm native to Latin America. They are leafy plants that reach up to 2m in altitude. They bloom several times a year but, as their flowers lack petals, they are not very showy.

Like the previous plants, the palm tree requires indirect light, moderate watering and temperatures around 20ºC. However, they are capable of withstanding up to -3ºC outside.


7. Ficus lyrata

Due to its exuberance and elegance, Ficus lyrata has become the quintessential plant for decoration magazines, since with its large leaves of an intense green color beautifies and transforms the rooms of the house. They are slow-growing plants but, with proper care, they can last a lifetime and reach great heights. It does not require abundant watering and prefers indirect sunlight. In addition, it is an easily reproducible plant by cuttings.


8. Dracaena

This family of plants, whose name in Greek means "female dragon," is large and diverse. Their species differ from each other by the thickness and shape of the stem, as well as by the color, shape and length of the leaves. If you have them indoors, it is best near a window with lots of light. On the other hand, outdoors it is better to place them in semi-shade.

Although they are slow growing, these plants can reach 5m in height.


9. Sansevieria

It is also known as "tiger tongue" and is widely used to decorate interiors. It comes from South Africa and is one of the most resistant indoor plants that exist. Although their growth is optimal above 20ºC, these plants with a sharp and robust appearance can withstand temperatures down to -5ºC. A curiosity is that this plant has been recommended by NASA since it eliminates toxins such as benzene or toluene that are harmful to people.


10. Tradescantia

It is a very fast growing and bulky hanging plant. Thanks to the purple-pinkish tones of its leaves, tradescantia is ideal to bring beautiful and delicate chromatic contrasts to your rooms. In addition, its care is simple, making it a great plant for beginners.

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