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5 tricks to decorate your house when you have pets

When thinking about how to decorate our house when we have pets, it is important that we create a suitable space for them. Many will tend towards a simple decoration, without many textiles and / or furniture to make cleaning easier. However, you don't have to give up on a cozy home and a lack of style! Keep reading if you want to know our 5 tips to decorate your home if you have pets.


1. Jungly decoration styles

We have three cats at home and, soon, our family will be expanded again with the arrival of a new puppy. For this reason, when decorating our apartment we wanted to find a style of furniture and textiles that would resist the (very likely) scratches and nibbles of our animals. After giving it a lot of thought, we decided on a bohemian - eclectic style, since this allows us to introduce nature into the house creating a "mini jungle" in which the presence of a scratch does not feel too out of place. At the same time, by mixing textiles and surfaces, contrasts are created throughout the entire decoration that prevent a small imperfection on the sofa (which in many cases becomes a scraper) from capturing the observer's full attention.

2. Avoid long or fine knit curtains

Although there are those who as a general rule cut their pets' nails, there are those who prefer to let them grow because they are part of their identity. If you are also one of them, then I would recommend buying thick curtains like these from Ikea since they are much more resistant to scratches than gauze or linen. At the same time, avoid making the curtains too long as they will only trap hair, or replace the curtains with blinds made of resistant materials such as wood or bamboo.

3. Give your pets their own space

Find a space that can adapt to the needs of your pets and that they recognize as theirs. Try not to place it be too far from the area where you like to relax, since our pets will tend to be in a place close to us. This space does not necessarily have to be at odds with the rest of the decoration, since today there are items such as this scratching post for cats or this bed for dogs that are elegant and refined.

4. Strong textiles

It is best to choose stain-proof textiles for the sofa or armchairs. Special anti-stain treatments or with Teflon will help you. To make the cleaning easire, you can get removable sofa covers or, if not, get a steam cleaning machine. Also, did you know that there are special fabrics resistant to a cat's scratches? This is the case of microfiber textiles such as this Ikea sofa. Although they are much more resistant than other materials, keep in mind that over time the fabric also ends up wearing out.

5. Find the right place for their food and water

We would all love for our animals to behave when it comes to drinking or eating. However, most of the time they will play with the water or food, resulting in them coming out of the bowl and stain what is around. Therefore, avoid placing your drinker and feeder on parquet-type floors, as these will eventually wear out (and even rot). It is best to find a space in the kitchen with a tile floor, as it is the easiest to clean and maintain.

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